Aphrodite Goddess Small Pearl Earrings in Sterling Silver

Aphrodite Goddess Small Pearl Earrings in Sterling Silver

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In Greek mythology, pearls are said to be the tears of joy shed by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Stories say she was born from a sea of foam and art has depicted her rising from the sea with pearls for centuries.
Aphrodite was chosen as our muse for this collection as she was a strong female who led and has been worshipped by women of her time and for centuries beyond.
The sanctuary of Aphrodite was the heart of the community, and its central focus was a traditional Greek-style temple surrounded by columns and built entirely of marble. The temple was the house of the goddess and accommodated her cult statue. It was an Ionic temple and designed in the Hellenistic style.
The Aphrodite Goddess collection features Baroque Pearls combined with the shapes and undulating surfaces inspired by the Hellenistic columns of her temple to create bold, glamorous pieces for a Mediterranean summer.

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